UEA language


UEAs have a language of their own. This language can be confusing to a new UEA (and some veterans, as well). following are some of the more common terms, used by UEAs, and their meanings.



UEA: Upper Extremity Amputee


Residual Limb: Extremity Remaining After Amputation


Dis articulate: Amputate or separate at a joint


LAE/RAE: Left Above Elbow/Right Above Elbow


LBE/RBE: Left Below Elbow/Right Below Elbow


BBE/BAE: Bi-Lateral Below Elbow/Bi-Lateral Above Elbow


LWD/RWD: Left Wrist Dis articulate/Right Wrist Dis articulate


LED/RED: Left Elbow Dis articulate/Right Elbow Dis articulate


LSD/RSD: Left Shoulder Dis articulate/Right Shoulder Dis articulate


Socket: part of the prosthesis where the residual limb fits


Cable: connects terminal device and harness. A separate cable connects elbow joint lock to harness


Electrode: contact (on myoelectric prosthesis) located inside the socket which detects muscle activity to open and close the terminal device


Harness: straps which cross the back and shoulder, attaching to the cable and elbow lock. Used to open and close terminal device and lock/unlock elbow


Prosthesis: a device to replace the missing portion of arm


Prosthetist: person who designs prosthesis


Terminal device (TD): a hand, hook, or specialty device attached to the wrist unit of the prosthesis


Wrist unit: attaches the terminal device to the socket